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Why Pinterest Should Be Part of Your Niche Marketing Plan

When I started my blog back in 2017, I had no idea how much would go into promoting my content.  More than a matter of creating the best content I could muster and sharing it with friends and family, there were also email lists, SEO, and social media.  Between Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I had no idea where to invest the time. I almost lost it when I heard for a split second that SnapChat was supposed to be the next big social channel.

After a while, I settled into a routine with social media, but realized quickly that promoting my content there was in large part a matter of daily engagement with my audience.  As I reeled back the hours I spent on social media, I started to take more time learning about other traffic strategies. Since I followed a lot of finance and food bloggers, I started to hear more about the power of Pinterest to explode website traffic. 

Skeptical and weary of setting up yet one more social channel to spend time on, I opened a Pinterest business account.  Mind you, back when I first learned of Pinterest in the hobby sense, I might have logged into the app a dozen times before letting it go.  Though I loved all things DIY, I just didn’t “get it”. Because of that, I knew I really needed to try to understand Pinterest as I incorporated it into my web traffic strategy.  

After learning more about Pinterest, it began to make a whole lot of sense, because it is essentially Search Engine Optimization but with pictures!  Pinterest quickly became my primary traffic source for my blog, Alta Mira Horsemanship.  But as I grew in understanding about the platform, I specifically came to love Pinterest for equine businesses for the following reasons:

  1. Longevity: Your content can show up in someone’s feed weeks, months, and years after you post it.  If you keyword well, create good content, and have a searchable topic, your chances are good for creating evergreen traffic back to your website.
  2. Niche is a good thing: You don’t have to be a food blogger, finance guru, or huge apparel company to get exposure on Pinterest.  You can target your specific audience, and Pinterest will suggest your content to people whether or not you have a huge following if you create quality content.
  3. Our target audience is here!  Pinterest users are 81% women, most under 40.  So our ideal client is already on the platform.  For the equestrian niche specifically, the opportunities are ripe!  It’s not terribly saturated in the equestrian niche, but people are looking at horse-related content.
  4. It goes really well with Google SEO: Google will actually borrow Pinterest search results when it needs “help”.  But also creating content on your website and gaining traffic from Pinterest can also increase your Google SEO over time.
  5. Option to Target by Geographic Region: Are you a brick and mortar business?  Promoted pins are relatively inexpensive, and you can target a geographical region, as well target demographics and interests.
  6. It’s fun! Who doesn’t like looking at pretty pictures, anyway?

For all of these benefits of Pinterest, you would think that it requires a hefty time commitment.  In reality, though, Pinterest needn’t take more than a few hours every month. With so many benefits and such little time commitment, tell me a good reason to not incorporate it into your marketing plan! I dare you.

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