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Reaching Your Equestrian Client with Pinterest

One of the perceived challenges of niche Pinterest marketing is the task of reaching a narrow audience.  While this may be true in the sense that not everyone on Pinterest is interested in horseback riding, the equestrian audience is still very much present.  Nearly 80% of Pinterest users are women, most of which are under 40 years old. This is good news to us horse-related businesses, because here we find a major overlap in our target audience.  

Now, more than ever, people are going to Pinterest to look for much more than recipes and DIY projects.  They are looking to shop, learn, and be inspired. So how can we reach our target client when they come to the Pinterest platform?  Here are a few tips to get you started on reaching your equestrian client on Pinterest: 

Figure Out Who Your Target Customer Is: 

In order to find our target audience, we need to understand who they are.  We have to get inside their head. If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably have already figured out to some degree who your “target client” is.  But if you haven’t done this yet, take a moment to ask yourself: 

  1. Is my target customer male/female? 
  2. What age? 
  3. What are they interested in? 
  4. What do they do in their free time?  
  5. What do they struggle with? 

If you’re struggling to figure out your target client, try to think of a person you know in real life (even yourself!) who you can relate to.  The more specific you can be, the better. Give a name to your target client and try to imagine what their life is like.   

Think of Topics That Would Interest Your Target Customer: 

Now that you have an idea of who your target customer is, try to think of things that would interest them.  Do they like riding outfit inspiration, tips on daily horse care, or articles on how to understand their horse better? Whatever those interests are, write them down.

From That List, Pick the Topics that Go Well with Your Business: 

Now that you have an idea of topics of interest, use these ideas to search for topics on Pinterest.  Type your topics into the search bar at the top of the Pinterest home page. If that topic is heavily searched on Pinterest, it will suggest more specific keywords with that create Boards on your Pinterest account.  

If the search turns up with inconsistent results, it isn’t a heavily searched topic at the moment.  This means that you’ll probably want to widen the topic, but still have more specific keywords in your Pin descriptions.  

The idea of this exercise is to find the overlap between your ideal client’s interests and the services/products/knowledge you offer.  This will help you with the next step, which is board creation. 

Create About 10 Boards to Start With: 

Once you’ve narrowed down about ten topics, set up each topic as a new Pinterest board.  Try to be as plain as possible. For example, no one will be searching for “Exercises for Chip”.  However, there will be people searching for “Horse Training Tips.” Think in terms of 

  1. What users will search for
  2. What Pinterest can easily categorize

The more straightforward you can be, the better.  Now, add a category and description to each board, then pin 10-20 pins to each.  These boards will become containers for you to pin great to pin to daily, both from your own website’s content and other people’s content.  

Do this consistently, and Pinterest will begin to recognize your account reliable and your material suggestible to those interested in your topics.  

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