Last Updated 8/25/2019


Information You Voluntarily Submit to the Website: The Website may collect personal information from you such as your name or email address. For example, you may voluntarily submit information to the Website by signing up for a free digital product, submitting a contact form, subscribing to the newsletter, or signing up for any tier of membership.

Cookies: The Website may log information using cookies, which are small data files stored on your browser by the Website. The Website may use both session cookies, which expire when you close your browser, and persistent cookies, which stay on your browser until deleted, to provide you with a more personalized experience on the Website.  You can find out more about cookies at the following third-party websites:


The Website currently uses the following third-party service providers:

Google Analytics – this service tracks Website usage and provides information such as referring websites and user actions on the Website. Google Analytics may capture your IP address, but no other personal information is captured by Google Analytics.

MailChimp – this service is used for the delivery of email updates and newsletters (including but not limited to: Pinterest & content marketing tips, special promotions, etc.). Mailchimp (“Email Service Provider”) stores your name and email address for purposes of delivering such communications.

MemberPress — this service is used to provide delivery of membership content. The membership service stores your name and email address for purposes of delivering information.  We may also use your email address and name to send you updates and information on membership features. 

At this time, your personal information is not shared with any other third-party applications. This list may be amended from time to time in the Website’s sole discretion.

Except when required by law, Hoof Print Marketing will not sell, distribute, or reveal your email addresses or other personal information without your consent.

How to Remove Your Personal Information from Hoof Print Marketing:

Should you wish to remove your personal information from our membership database, including email, login information, address, and name, you can do so at any time by request via our contact form.  Hoof Print Marketing agrees to purge and not store any of your information once you have requested its removal. You will receive a confirmation that your information has been removed from all databases. 

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Should you wish to opt-out of the weekly newsletter, MailChimp gives you the option to do so at the bottom of each email you receive.  


The Website offers the Hoof Print Membership, which includes forums, such as Facebook Groups, where content may be contributed or uploaded. The following types of contributions will not be tolerated and will be deleted: harassment directed toward any member or Hoof Print Marketing; spam; hate speech; defamatory to Hoof Print Marketing or any third party or individual content creator; reference illegal acts; or, violate the legal rights of a third party.

It is solely up to Hoof Print Marketing’s discretion to determine if a contribution violates this policy. Any members in violation will be promptly deleted and no refund will be due.

Refund Policy – Hoof Print Collective Membership may be canceled at any time. Upon cancellation, your member account will be disabled at the expiration of the period for which you have already paid. The Website does not offer refunds after the monthly fee has been charged. You may avoid incurring additional fees by canceling your SPM Collective Membership 7 days or more prior to the billing date.

If you have any questions about the Terms of Use, Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy, or if you encounter any issues when using the product, please contact Hoof Print Marketing.